T-1 changelog



  • Removed cap of 8 edits per step



  • Fixed copying step edits between pages (>16 steps)



  • Temp + CC didn’t work (regression from v2.0.7)



  • LEDs where flickering, when recording video of recent batches of T-1



  • Fixed bug when changing CC step edits relatively



  • Multi selection was not working for selections > 2 items (regression from v2.0.7)



  • Knob menus were sometimes hanging when opening with [CTRL] or (RANDOM)
  • Random accent and velocity was behaving wrongly (regression from v2.0.7)



  • Greatly improved stability using fuzz testing techniques (randomly pressing buttons and knobs extremely fast ⚡🦾)
  • Cycles are resync’ed when leaving edit/loop mode and when changing number of cycles
  • Fixed crash when using random cycles while editing cycles
  • Empty step edits are copied correctly
  • Fixed some logic issues when making chord and step edit changes across cycles
  • Disabled step editing of timing as it didn’t work correctly. We will look into a better implementation. Timing can still be changed between cycles.



  • Muted cycles were not cleared when pressing [ CLEAR ]



  • Editing step edits on pages 2-4 wasn’t working (regression from v2.0.3)



  • CC values were not being sent from pressing VB in CC view while playback was started



  • This version increases general stability and resolves most crashes



  • Fixed bug in voicing algorithm (Regression from v2.0.0)



  • Fixed crash when encountering invalid patterns and banks


New features

  • Per-Step editing
    • All parameters (including CCs) can be edited at every step
    • To edit a step:
      • Press [ CTRL ] + step in the pulses view
      • [ BANK ] is blinking RED
      • Turn knob or press value buttons to change the parameter
      • Edited steps are displayed with RED
      • Press [ BANK ] to leave step editing mode.
    • Outside step editing mode, parameter changes are applied globally to all steps
    • Step editing on CC tracks is possible by double tapping the track in track view
    • Parameters excluded from step editing: tempo, delay, length, quantize
  • FX tracks
    • A new track type “FX” tracks allows for processing midi input
    • Create an FX track by [ CTRL ] + 2x press [ VALUE ] in track view.
    • Incoming notes are automatically routed to all FX tracks in the pattern
    • With zero pulses, incoming notes are monitored directly
    • With non-zero pulses, incoming notes sets the chord for the pulses in the track
    • The ( PITCH ) menu on FX tracks can be used as a “live” MIDI keyboard
  • Parameter quick view
    • Parameters are briefly displayed after turning knobs on T-1
    • This feature can be toggled in T-1 Config – > Misc (default: ON)
  • New Cycles workflow
    • Cycles play in a loop while editing
    • Multiple cycles can be selected
    • Leave edit/loop mode with [ BANK ]
  • Note routing ( OUTPUT )
    • The note output of a track can be routed into any of the other tracks
    • Hold [ CTRL ] + ( CHANNEL ) and select the destination tracks.
    • Multiple destination tracks can be selected.
  • Multi channel tracks
    • Multiple MIDI channels can now be selected in ( CHANNEL )
  • Slew on random
    • Add adjustable slew on random modulations by turning ( KNOB ) while holding [ CTRL ] + ( RANDOM )
    • Slew can be added to all parameters including CC
  • Free division / time
    • Hold [ CTRL ] while turning ( DIVISION ) to change division freely in a resolution of 96 PPQN
    • Use random with slew to create accelerating patterns similar to ( PACE )
    • ( TIME ) can be adjusted freely as well by pressing [ VALUE 16 ] in ( TIME ) menu
  • Poly / mono random
    • Quickly access polyphonic and monophonic random modulations on chords
    • Polyphonic affects each note in the chord differently, monophonic affects the whole chord
    • Positive random amount = polyphonic
    • Negative random amount = monophonic
    • Poly / mono random works on parameters
      • velocity
      • sustain
      • pitch
      • range
      • accent
      • timing
      • channel
  • Repeats buffer saved in the track
    • Turn T-1 into a MIDI looper by setting repeats to infinite
    • Loops are saved to the track, also between power cycling


  • New shortcut: double tap track to enter pulses view
  • Reworked cycles menu
    • ( CYCLES ) now changes the number of cycles.
    • Press a cycle in ( CYCLES ) view to edit the cycle
    • Each cycle can have its own step edits
    • Double tap a cycle to go to the pulses menu
  • ( DIVISION ) works as a macro controlling ( TIME ) and ( RATE ) relatively
  • Stop all repeats of the track by pressing [ CLEAR ] in ( REPEATS ) menu
  • Updated random voicing behaviour
    • Negative random voicing randomizes the style
  • Temp now works with CCs
  • ( LENGTH ) positive random setting randomly resets start point


  • Fixed jitter when turning knobs while auto saving
  • Analog reset out run/reset setting didn’t work

Synthdawg manual

  • Synthdawg has created a new manual for T-1



  • Fixed issue with skipping steps when using external clock.
  • Fixed issue that could cause T-1 to crash when using T-1 Config.