S-4 sculpting sampler

The S-4 is a sculpting sampler designed to capture and transform sounds. Merging tape-era workflows with cutting-edge technology, the S-4 redefines sound mangling by providing a futuristic platform for crafting unique soundscapes and compositions, using samples and real-time audio processing.

S-4 is a tool made for sonic explorers. It has four parallel stereo tracks, each with an audio engine featuring a chain of audio devices including samplers, live granular processing, morphing resonators, and a range of audio effects. A novel modulation system allows anything and everything to be modulated with four modulators per track. Capture sounds on the fly with the onboard microphone and stereo line input, or load samples from the four gigabyte internal flash storage.

Use cases

The S-4 is a versatile powerhouse, capable of serving as an effects processor, transformative sound designer, tape machine, live looper, classic sample player, or textural synthesizer.

Tape machine

Capture your surroundings. Use S-4 as a transformative four-track tape machine.

Effect processor

Manipulate live audio, and add color and textures to your beats, melodies, and sounds

Midi controlled sampler

Hook up a MIDI keyboard or sequencer and use S-4 as a powerful textural synthesizer and sample player.

Audio engine

Push the creative boundaries and transform audio into uncharted depths. S-4 has four parallel stereo tracks, each of which contains a chain of five audio devices tailored to cover specific sonic areas and applications. Create everything from glittering textures to broken soundscapes or evolving synth sounds.

Together, the devices form a playful toolbox for sculpting sample material and live audio.


Stereo tape and sample players with live audio and looping capabilities.


Live granular processing with time-warping and pitch-shifting algorithms.


Morphing resonator: 48-band tuned filter bank with animation, tonal control, and classic filter functions.


Collection of destructive effects including bit crushing, drive, and compression.


Combined reverb and delay with pitch-shifting and shimmer.

Sound examples

All sound examples are created with the Factory sample bank shipping with the S-4.


S-4 is an instrument that allows you to manipulate sound in a unique way with always the potentially infinite level of creative freedom and sonic discovery. Both in the studio and during live performances, it has become part of my instrumentation.The textures and sound quality that come out of it are undoubtedly a winning weapon for soundscapes and ambient music.


The S-4 is the instrument I dreamt of for a long time. You can start from any kind of sound and end up with some evolving and organic texture that is even playable with a keyboard and the full process is intuitive and musical. It is a no-brainer for sound designers and live performers.

Chiara Luzzana

The Torso S-4 sampler has become the absolute center of my creative production, allowing me to craft breathtaking soundscapes with a single gesture. Its unparalleled sound quality and powerful granular sampling engine define my musical signature with infinite precision and care. I truly can't imagine my work without it.

Modulation system

Animate and bring life to any parameter using the rich and unique modulation system. Each track has four configurable modulators that can be mapped to any parameter with unlimited mapping destinations. It is even possible to do cross-modulation between modulators. Choose between a range of different modulators from complex LFOs, and generative sequencers to envelopes.

Capture your surroundings

Utilize the built-in microphone to record sounds, sample and loop your external gear with the stereo line input, resample the internal tracks, or effortlessly load samples from the S-4’s flash memory or an external drive.

Versatile powerhouse

The S-4 is designed with durable RGB buttons offering tactile feedback and a high-quality 3.5-inch LCD display ensuring all the visual feedback you need. It features USB connectivity for seamless connection to class-compliant devices and effortless file transfers to and from your laptop. Moreover, it can function as an audio interface when you require a simplified setup.  You can also expand the number of inputs and outputs by connecting a class-compliant external USB interface.

Technical specifications​

Audio engine features

4 parallel stereo audio tracks
Tape player with live looping capabilities
Polyphonic sample player
Live granular processing with time-warping and pitch-shifting algorithms
Morphing resonator (48-band filter bank)
Bit crushing, drive, and compression
Combined reverb and delay with pitch-shifting and shimmer

Modulation features

4 modulators per track
Modulate any parameter of the audio engine
Modulator types:
– Complex LFOs
– Generative sequencing tools
– Envelopes


Quad-core 1.5 GHz processor
4 GB flash memory (sample pool)
24-bit / 48 kHz stereo audio in and out


2 line-inputs
2 line-outputs
Built-in microphone
Stereo headphone output
MIDI in/out
Analog sync in/out


WiFi – Ableton Link
Class-compliant USB audio interface
Expandable number of inputs/outputs with class-compliant USB interfaces

User Interface

High-resolution LCD color display, 3.5 inch
21 tactile RGB buttons
9 high-quality endless encoders


Matte black aluminum casing
Dimensions: 242 x 156 x 39 mm (9.5” x 6.1” x 1.5”)
Weight: 820g (1.8 lbs)