Richie Hawtin

The Torso T1 is the most fluid, intuitive, and fun hardware sequencer I’ve found in years. With the T1, improvising becomes part of the creative flow taking you (and the crowd) on ever-evolving journeys of discovery.


S-4 is an instrument that allows you to manipulate sound in a unique way with always the potentially infinite level of creative freedom and sonic discovery. Both in the studio and during live performances, it has become part of my instrumentation.The textures and sound quality that come out of it are undoubtedly a winning weapon for soundscapes and ambient music.

Surgeon // Anthony Child

The Torso T-1 is the sequencer that I’ve been waiting for someone to make. It has so many useful features that are great for my live performance as well as for creating music in my studio.

Elin Piel

The possibility to sequence and sync DAW, modular and other hardware synths is what makes the T-1 the perfect mothership in my hybrid setup. I love using it in my live sets. The balance between having pre-made sequences and programming stuff in the moment gives me the courage to explore and improvise. Also, it’s gorgeous to look at.

Frank Bretschneider

I like the form factor and the super intuitive user interface, with which you have all parameters immediately in view and can change them purposefully or via the ingenious random functions.

Chiara Luzzana

As a soundtrack composer and sound designer, I am dedicated to working with the pure noise that life offers. The Torso S-4 sampler has become the absolute center of my creative production, allowing me to craft breathtaking soundscapes with a single gesture. Its unparalleled sound quality and powerful granular sampling engine define my musical signature with infinite precision and care. I truly can't imagine my work without it.


Torso Electronics gear is some of the most musical I’ve had my hands on. The design, controlled randomization and performance features all make for an unobstructed and smooth production experience.

Andrea Cichecki

The Torso T1 is like playing an instrument, you compose music in a very intuitive way, and it really inspires you to try new things and step out of your comfort zone. Every time I discover new and surprising possibilities with this innovative and musical sequencer both in my studio and for my live performances.


The S-4 is the instrument I dreamt of for a long time. You can start from any kind of sound and end up with some evolving and organic texture that is even playable with a keyboard and the full process is intuitive and musical. It is a no-brainer for sound designers and live performers.

Atikka (Xuri & John Cleworth)

Great timing, Torso! We were just beginning to get bored of the computer when the T-1 came out. It’s like carrying around a Swiss Army knife, and it’s almost the same size!

Nosaj Thing

The T-1 is versatile and immediate in my workflow. It's a great tool to throw out ideas quickly and can also go deeper to get results I usually wouldn't come up with on a normal sequencer.

Gold Panda

What makes the T-1 good is that it allows you to explore sequences and structures without feeling like you're losing control, it is a tool to develop and improvise, it's a tool for sparking ideas and creating magic away from a linear timeline.

Mike Sheridan

The T-1 is one of the finest idea machines I’ve ever come across. With its relatively intuitive workflow, I can go from simple step sequencing to advanced rhythmic phrasing, reminiscent of modern West Coast sequencers, swiftly. The T-1 allows me to approach my analog machines and software all at once in flowing motion.

Analog Sol

The Torso T-1 has revolutionized my live sets, and made fully improvised performances finally possible. Its fast knob-driven interface removes barriers, making electronic music as intuitive and expressive as playing a traditional instrument. Playing live has never been so fun!

Kai Campos // Mount Kimbie

I get the impression that instrument design might be like writing music in that you have an idea about how different decisions will affect the final outcome but you don’t really know until it’s done and out there in the world. I think you’ve made a bunch of good decisions in the design of the T-1 and it’s resulted in a brilliant and unique sequencer! Congrats!

Venus Theory

The T-1 is an awesome box of instant expressive and evolving ideas that always seem to get me out of whatever corner I find myself in. It's a ton of fun for finding new melodies, it makes great shifting grooves for percussive elements, and with the generative aspects, it seems to almost always spit out something that inspires me to explore ideas or phrases that are way outside my own realm of thinking. Not too bad for a blinky rectangle!

Nadia Struiwigh

I absolutely love the Torso T1. Even though I have a collection of sequencers, this one stands out with its unique workflow and exceptional capability for Euclidean and poly rhythms. It allows me to create music incredibly fast, and it's perfect for live performances when I need to adjust pattern velocities on the fly. Plus, it's lightweight, compact, and incredibly intuitive to use.