S-4 sculpting sampler

Redefining sound mangling by providing a futuristic platform for crafting unique soundscapes and compositions.
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T-1 algorithmic sequencer

Create percussive polyrhythmic sequences and explore endless melodic variations.
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music in the now

Established in 2018 by a group of friends, Torso Electronics is a Copenhagen-based company that creates electronic musical instruments. The goal is to make complex and rich music-making processes accessible through intuitive interfaces that help you stay in the flow and make music in the now. 

Nosaj Thing

The T-1 is versatile and immediate in my workflow. It's a great tool to throw out ideas quickly and can also go deeper to get results I usually wouldn't come up with on a normal sequencer.

Frank Bretschneider

I like the form factor and the super intuitive user interface, with which you have all parameters immediately in view and can change them purposefully or via the ingenious random functions.

Nadia Struiwigh

I absolutely love the Torso T1. Even though I have a collection of sequencers, this one stands out with its unique workflow and exceptional capability for Euclidean and poly rhythms.