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Derived from the work of ancient Greek mathematician and founder of geometry, Euclid of Alexandria. This is the first look at Torso, an algorithmic percussion sequencer that lets you create and transform patterns in interesting new ways.

Torso will open up many new avenues for musical inspiration and creativity.

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Algorithmic composition tool

The core of Torso’s sequencer engine is based on the euclidean algorithm. By using a set of simple mathematical rules, the euclidean algorithm lets you generate a wide range of patterns found in traditional sounding compositions as well as complex polyrhythmic sequences.

Combined with a set of creative compositional components, Torso let’s you sculpt the composition through user-controlled parameters. This makes Torso a powerful sequencer that gives a radically different approach to music creation than a regular step sequencer.

Designed for music creation and live performance

All essential functionality is available through parameters carefully arranged on the interface. When designing Torso it was important that all parameters had a big impact on the composition, taking you on a journey to unexpected places - but without letting go of control and overview.

A set of performance tools provides access to add subtle or radical temporary changes to the composition. On top of that a range of the parameters can be altered by randomness generators to add unpredictable variations to the pattern.

This makes Torso a powerful tool for both live performance and music creation, where both exploration and overview is key.

A step-by-step process

We want to bring new possibilities into making and performing music by using our skills in electronics, programming, industrial design and music creation. Through our process we experiment with concepts, feature artists, and host concerts/events. Follow our steps to get updates on our products and other activities by signing up to our infrequent newsletter.

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