August 26, 2021

OBS! Requires T-1 config v1.1 Make sure to manually download and install T-1 config v1.1 before updating the firmware.


  • Multi track selection
    • Multiple tracks can now be edited at once, by selecting multiple tracks. Knobs make relative changes across tracks. Pressing the [ VALUE ] buttons in parameter menus sets all selected tracks to the same value.
  • Global pattern editing
    • When holding [ PATTERN ], changes are applied to all tracks in the pattern. Knobs make relative changes across tracks. Pressing the [ VALUE ] buttons in parameter menus sets all tracks to the same value.
  • Global cycles editing
    • Outside the ( CYCLES ) menu, changes to tracks apply to all cycles. Knobs make relative changes across cycles. Pressing the [ VALUE ] buttons in parameter menus sets all cycles to the same value, effectively removing cycles on the selected parameter.
  • Pattern chain
    • In the pattern menu, pattern chains can be created by selecting multiple patterns. The selected patterns will be played in sequence according to their ( QUANTIZE ) value. Pattern chains are saved in banks. Existing chains on other banks can be played by pressing the [ PATTERN ] button after selecting a bank in the [ BANK ] menu.
  • Copy parameter
    • Parameter values can be copied along with their associated cycles. Press [CTRL] + [CLEAR] + (KNOB) to copy a parameter. The parameter is pasted by pressing the destination tracks similarly to pasting a track.
  • Tempo visualization
    • When holding or double tapping the ( TEMPO ) knob, the tempo is visualized on the [ VALUE ] buttons. The tempo range is 26-280 BPM where each [ VALUE ] button corresponds to 16 BPM.
  • Clipboard
    • Allows for copying tracks and parameters between patterns and patterns between banks.
    • Press [ CTRL ] + [ CLEAR ] + double tap [ TRACK ] / [ PATTERN ] / ( KNOB) to add a track/pattern/parameter to the clipboard. Items from the clipboard can be pasted using [ CLEAR ] + [ TRACK ] / [ PATTERN ].
  • Random
    • The variations introduced by turning the ( RANDOM ) knob are now much more subtle for low values of random variation.
    • Randomness applied to polyphonic tracks has been reworked which changes randomness behaviour on previously saved banks on the upper notes entered in the ( PITCH ) menu.
  • When double tapping the ( CYCLES ) knob, the cycles editing mode is active until the ( CYCLES ) knob is pressed again or by pressing [ BANKS ].
  • When pressing [ CLEAR ] in the ( LENGTH ) menu, the loop point is quantized to the track’s original timeline instead of the current step position.
  • Program change messages are now sent 1/8th note before any pattern change.
  • The hotspot created by T-1 can now be configured in T-1 Config.
  • The reset input/output can now be configured in both run and reset modes.
  • Improved synchronization with Ableton Link, setting the Link offset is now more responsive.
  • Values on sliders in T-1 Config can now be entered manually by clicking the number box.
  • The saved networks in T-1 Config can now be removed/forgotten.


  • Fixed issue with MIDI out 2 not sending MIDI notes.
  • Fixed quantization issue when changing the number of cycles.
  • Fixed crash when pressing [ CTRL ] + ( SCALE ) + an unlit [ VALUE ] button.
  • Fixed issue with T-1 not loading the LED brightness and Link offset setting after reboot.
  • Fixed flicker in the step visualization when using ( LENGTH ).
  • Fixed issue with positive ( TIMING ) values being too subtle when using x2 and x4 divisions.
  • Fixed issue with connecting to network names containing emojis 🤦