July 15, 2022

New features

  • T-1 now auto-saves the state of all patterns.
    • The auto-saved patterns are loaded when starting the unit.
    • The bank that was open on last session will re-open upon starting the T-1.
  • Each Euclidean cycle can now be up to 64 steps long.
    • Access this feature by holding [ CTRL ] while turning ( STEPS ).
    • Go to step sequencer view and hold [ CTRL ] and press [ BANK ], [ PATTERN ], [ TEMP ], and [ MUTE ] to view the 4 pages of the sequence.
  • The CC number can now be adjusted on each knob on a CC track.
    • The CC number page is accessed by double tapping a CC knob + hold [ CTRL ] + press [ PATTERN ].


  • The [ VALUE ] buttons in the ( STEPS ) and ( PULSES ) menu now behaves the same such that step sequences can be modified in both menus.
  • The “reset step” replaces the reset cycle feature.
    • The reset step resets the sequence synchronizing the Euclidean cycle with random, phrase, groove and style.
    • The reset step can be inserted by holding [ CTRL ] and double tapping the first step in the step sequencer view.
  • Muted CC tracks don’t send their saved CC value when launching the pattern containing the track.
  • When copying a track, pattern, or bank the source is pulsating in green to make it clearer which item is being copied.
  • The clock and reset outputs are reset when stopping the T-1.
  • The colors of the ( RANDOM ) menu has been inverted such that RED means 100% random and BLUE means 0% random.
  • The range of ( QUANTIZE ) has been limited to 1/8 – 16 bars.


  • Fixed crash when connected network was removed from T-1 Config.
  • ( QUANTIZE ) was not working properly when changing away from 1 bar (regression from v1.2.0)