Bugfixes CV outputs did not produce reliable triggers when ( SUSTAIN ) was high. Saved WiFi networks were not loaded properly (regression from v1.2.4) Clearing ( PITCH ) was resetting the user scale. This behaviour has been removed. Fixed some issues with [ MUTE ] states when reloading a bank. When copying a bank, changes […]


Bugfixes T-1 saves a backup when saving a bank. If the bank gets corrupted, T-1 tries to load the backup instead. Tempo estimation was not working properly when using PPQN < 24 with analog clock sync. This caused the MIDI clock output to be out of sync.


Bugfixes CV outputs were tuned to A0 = 0V instead of C0 = 0V. (Regression from v1.2.0) T-1 now discards corrupted banks, which were causing a crash when powering on the device.


Bugfixes Fixed visualization bug when using ( CYCLES ) with less than 16 steps. T-1 Config Improved access to serial-port in support scripts for macOS


Bugfixes Banks saved with previous firmware versions (< v1.2.0) were not loaded correctly. Random modulation on CC knobs had wrong offset.


Bugfixes Thru in output configuration wasn’t sending MIDI.


New Features CC tracks – a new type of tracks where knobs send MIDI control change messages. Toggle between note tracks and CC tracks with [ CTRL ] + [ VALUE ] in track view. Knobs can be modulated with ( RANDOM ). CC values can be saved to the pattern with [ CTRL ] + ( KNOB ). […]


Bugfixes [ CLEAR ] + [ PATTERN ] was clearing the active pattern instead of the selected pattern (Regression from v1.1.3). Patterns from other banks where not loaded correctly when not playing (Regression from v1.1.3).


Bugfixes Fixed parameter visualization of cycles (Regression from v1.1.3) Modulators are properly reset when changing pattern.


Improvements When changing patterns, there was a small delay of ~20 milliseconds before the new pattern started. This has been greatly improved. Playing a pattern from empty banks does not override the previous tempo. Bugfixes Quantize parameter was not working properly for values that are not a power of 2 (3, 5, 7, 11). Temp […]