Bugfixes Fixed issue with skipping steps when using external clock. Fixed issue that could cause T-1 to crash when using T-1 Config.


Bugfixes Rst/clk in wasn’t working (regression from 1.3.0). When copying banks the tempo wasn’t copied. When copying cycles, the source cycle wasn’t pulsating.


New features Auto-save T-1 now auto-saves the state of all patterns. The auto-saved patterns are loaded when starting the unit. The bank that was open on last session will re-open upon starting the T-1. 64 step cycles Each Euclidean cycle can now be up to 64 steps long. Access this feature by holding [ CTRL […]


Bugfixes CV outputs did not produce reliable triggers when ( SUSTAIN ) was high. Saved WiFi networks were not loaded properly (regression from v1.2.4) Clearing ( PITCH ) was resetting the user scale. This behaviour has been removed. Fixed some issues with [ MUTE ] states when reloading a bank. When copying a bank, changes […]


Bugfixes T-1 saves a backup when saving a bank. If the bank gets corrupted, T-1 tries to load the backup instead. Tempo estimation was not working properly when using PPQN < 24 with analog clock sync. This caused the MIDI clock output to be out of sync.


Bugfixes CV outputs were tuned to A0 = 0V instead of C0 = 0V. (Regression from v1.2.0) T-1 now discards corrupted banks, which were causing a crash when powering on the device.


Bugfixes Fixed visualization bug when using ( CYCLES ) with less than 16 steps. T-1 Config Improved access to serial-port in support scripts for macOS


Bugfixes Banks saved with previous firmware versions (< v1.2.0) were not loaded correctly. Random modulation on CC knobs had wrong offset.


Bugfixes Thru in output configuration wasn’t sending MIDI.


New Features CC tracks – a new type of tracks where knobs send MIDI control change messages. Toggle between note tracks and CC tracks with [ CTRL ] + [ VALUE ] in track view. Knobs can be modulated with ( RANDOM ). CC values can be saved to the pattern with [ CTRL ] + ( KNOB ). […]