New features Adjustments Bugfixes Synthdawg manual


Bugfixes Fixes to how pulses are calculated when pulses have been manually inserted/removed. Manually inserted pulses are now indicated in DIM ORANGE. Some fixes to retriggers. Muted CC tracks are indicated with DARK BLUE.


Bugfixes Queuing a pattern while playing a chain didn’t work. Saving [ TEMP ] to pattern and playing the previous pattern destroyed the temp.


Adjustments Retriggers (reset steps) are inserted with [ CLEAR ] + [ VALUE ] button instead of long press value button. All banks can be restored (ignoring the auto-saves) by holding [ BANK ] while booting the T-1. Bugfixes A lot of fixes to changing patterns and banks and pattern chains. Random is now completely […]


Adjustments Long press [ VALUE ] toggles reset steps instead of [ CTRL ] + double tap [ VALUE ] [ CTRL ] + [ VALUE ] in step sequencer view sets the number of steps. Turning [ CTRL ] + ( STEPS ) allows for changing steps without resyncing the track. Bugfixes Fixed auto-saving […]