Bugfixes 1.2v/oct was using wrong scaling. [ CLEAR ] + ( KNOB ) on CC track was clearing note parameter instead of CC value + modulation. Saved CC values were not sent when pressing [ PLAY ]. Other CC tracks were blinking orange when CC track is selected. Adjustments Don’t send CC when saving CC […]


Bugfixes Switching bank was not working properly. CV outputs were not working in Gate mode Track type setting is reset when pressing [ CLEAR ] Saved CC values not sent on pattern change if random modulation was applied.


New Features CC tracks – a new type of tracks where knobs send MIDI control change messages. Toggle between note tracks and CC tracks with [ CTRL ] + [ VALUE ] in track view. Knobs can be modulated with ( RANDOM ). CC values can be saved to the pattern with [ CTRL ] + ( KNOB ). […]