Surgeon’s stripped-down approach to techno

Surgeon on how he ditched the studio to record an album with a tabletop live setup. In this month’s issue of Future Music, Surgeon talks about his approach to making his new album, Crash Recoil.  Surgeon is known for his improvised and hard-hitting live performances – And Crash Recoil perfectly captures the raw and immediate […]

Introducing T-1 White

It has been two years since we started shipping T-1 sequencers to musicians and artists all around the world. And to celebrate, we have designed a new special edition of the T-1 which sports custom gray knobs and a cream-white enclosure reminiscent of legendary drum machines and sequencers of the 1980s and 1990s. With this special […]

How do I start the T-1 in safe mode?

Follow the instructions below to boot your T-1 in safe mode: TIP: Banks are not automatically loaded in safe mode, so you can use this to check if you have a corrupt bank

How do I perform a factory reset?

On the T-1, a factory reset is done by erasing all banks and settings: Tip: If your T-1 crashes upon startup, it might be due to a corrupt bank. Use safe-mode to check if this is the case, and use factory reset to fix the issue

How do I perform a manual firmware update?

If your T-1 got bricked during a firmware update you will need to perform a manual firmware upload. Follow the instructions below to perform a manual firmware upload:

Join us on Discord

Torso Electronics has a community on Discord, and we’d love for you to be a part of it! Connect with like-minded electronic musicians, producers, and music enthusiasts who are passionate about exploring new ways of making music.Share your music, show off your setups, and engage in discussions about the T-1, and music production in general. […]

Jamuary with Captain Bleep

A new year has begun, and what better way to kick it off than by delving into the world of algorithmic sequencing with the T-1!  For this year’s Jamuary, Captain Bleep is on a mission to explore the T-1. Through a series of concise and informative videos, he guides viewers through the basics of the […]